oidhche mhath leibh lyrics – celtic folk

this is a very well known song, and is usually sung at the end of
traditional ceilidhs. we even had a rendition of it last weekend in london
at the ceilidh there! it is called oidhche mhath leibh, which translates
to “goodnight to you”
although the song loses a lot in translation, the english words are
stirring nonetheless.
soraidh leibh is oidhche mhath leibh,
oidhche mhath leibh ‘s beannachd leibh;
guidheim sla\inte ghna\th bhith mar ribh,
oidhche mhath leibh ‘s beannachd leibh.
farewell and goodnight to you,
goodnight and blessings upon you;
let me wish health always to be with you,
goodnight to you and blessings upon you.
chan eil inneal ciu\il a ghleusar
dhu\isgeas smuain mo chle\ibh gu aoibh
mar ni\ duan o bheo\il nan caileag,
oidhche mhath leibh ‘s beannachd leibh.
there is not a musical instrument that is played
which awakens the thoughts of my heart to joy
as does a song from the lips of the l*ssies,
goodnight and blessings upon you.
there’s another 5 verses, but i don’t have translations for them !

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