on elevated ground lyrics – images of eden

last night i had another dream
again at the edge of eternity
looking down below at our world
a new sight overwhelming me

if i could play god, then i would create a different

you call me a hero but i’m only a man
and i still bleed the same as you, for you… who knew?
sometimes when you see me smile, it’s only a facade
holding it in but crying so deep inside

i know i can never be what you think you see… but i
if i could play god, i would create a world…

…where tears become laughter
…where sadness is no more
…where peace conquers fear
…where sounds of war are silenced
…where feast will end famine
…where love will fill the world
…where summer skies are never gray
…where autumn leaves will never fall
…where we will live eternally

here, on elevated ground we walk
through valleys of the shadows of life
where love will be all and love will end all

through utopian skies we pray
over the cloudscape above the rain
we can watch the world from miles away

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