on my way home lyrics – d.r.i

i was getting out, without a doubt
this was my last patrol, wished i could shout
but then the reds were there
we were taking our share
fifteen to thirty, but fair is fair
i was fighting wild, shooting blind
nothing i could do, nowhere i could go
someone yelled, “keep your head down low”
i heard men crying, knew they were dying
and for the first time, i realized
my sergeant lied!
on my way home in a body bag
a one-way ticket, but i couldn’t brag
i was seeing green, seeing red
with an aching, throbbing, emptiness in my head
trying to breathe, i fought for air
i was alive, but n*body cared
we left the planet
then we had landed
soon picked up by an army truck
someone gave me a shovel and told me to dig
i said, “f*ck off and die, capitalist pig!”

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