on the mic lyrics – big l

[big l]
aiyyo i shoulda been out, i’m deadly when i pull the pin out
keep frontin, i’ma try yo chin out
i knocked a lot of men out
i left em on the floor spittin phlegm out
it’s either that or i’ma squeeze the gat and pop ten out
you see corleone, ice spinnin, jigged out, white linen
and if a b*tch don’t like me, then she must like women
everytime i come around you see your wife grinnin
don’t be mad cuz your career’s in the ninth inning
it’s over now, n*gg* leave the game
i’m from the danger zone where mc’s get slain
we’re thugs that never hesitate to squeeze the flame
we’re n*gg*s be takin drugs just to ease the pain
hustlers flip c*key, 48 hours like nick nolte
when i was ot your b*tch wrote me
first day home, i dived in it, left her thighs dented
now that b*tch be pagin me every five minutes
mc’s i squash and disgrace
it’s all about the benji’s, so why your bills got washington’s face?
a lot of cats be frontin, made singles wit a fifty on top
l tryin to have the city on lock
peace to biggie and pac cuz they really were hot
rap game heavy hitters, it’s a shame they no longer wit us
n*gg*s wanna be l, ladies wanna see l
if i go to jail, you’ll wear a shirt sayin “free l!”

*cuts by roc raida*

“on the mic is big l, that brotha who kicks flav, god” [big l]
“i been rockin mics since n*gg*s was rockin pro keds” [big l]
“on the mic is big l, that brotha who kicks flav, god”
“i’m floorin n*gg*s and i only weigh a buck and change” [big l]
“on the mic is big l, that brotha who kicks flav, god”
“f*ckin wit me, a lot of n*gg*s be small change” [big l]
“on the mic is big l, that brotha who kicks flav, god”
“big l” [dj premier] “represent”

aiyyo i hear a lot of b*tch in your talk
see a lot of switch in your walk
only thugs get rich in new york
time is runnin out, n*gg*s like “l when you commin out?”
because they sick of all this drag queen sh*t
your wife missin, i’m the n*gg* see was last seen wit
me and ron hit it up on some tag team sh*t
a bunch of n*gg*s got smoked for the cash
used to ride greyhounds wit dimes hoes who stuffed the c*ke in they *ss
crazy beefs got provoked in the past, lot of wigs got split
a lot of innocent kids got hit
harlem world be the place of my birth
believe me son, we breed the smoothest n*gg*s on the face of the earth
mics i steadily smoke, rhymes cleverly wrote
as long as i can rock a crowd, i’ma never be broke
some hoes treated me like a b*mb nerd when i was unheard
now i’m icey, i ain’t gotta say one word you dumb bird
i push whips while you walk all day
and i hate when strange n*gg*s wanna talk all day
clown *ss sh*t, hate to be around that sh*t
you don’t know me, just say “what’s up” give me a pound that’s it
when i was at the steakhouse pullin cake out
you was at some cheap chinese sh*t gettin take out
how you make out, you take the fake route
you oughta break out
you couldn’t get a b*tch before you put your tape out, what!

*repeat last line 5x*

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