on the seventh day god created myspace lyrics – ennui breathes malice

who do you f*cking pray to? is it him or her….
and what if they don’t want to speak anymore?
i ask no questions – i have no voice – you’ll stay
unfaithful – that is your choice!
it’s your choice…..
the only break in silence; an instant message tone
and the shock of a conversation window being quickly
don’t you judge me! open your f*cking eyes and take a
good look at me….
sever yourself from cyber-world and seek reality!
i struggle to find reason in such a world
where a fourteen year old virgin is hard to come by
but i ask no questions – i have no voice – you’re still
unfaithful (b*tch)
that is your choice….
no one’s listening – no one f*cking cares – n*body knows!
don’t you judge me! don’t you judge me!
find – something real – real
put your f*cking faith inside of me; put your f*cking
trust, in something real….
find someone real – find yourself something

/ ennui breathes malice lyrics