once and for all lyrics – farmer boys

it has just been notified that a b-2 aircraft has been sent to ex-jugoslavia
to end the fightings between the serbs and croatians. according to military
sources the plane is armed with a nuclear bomb. the bomb has been set to hit
sarajevo tonight.

we fly above our target destination
no resistance total devastation
i realize my power as i hold the switch
cleared to go and ready to drop
the bomb!

the war in sarajevo has now been
going on for far too long
time is at hand to stop this madness
endless war!

important people have now decided to
eliminate the serbs and croatians

once and for all
we drop the bomb
and make em fall
once and for all
we drop the bomb
and make em fall

helpless soldiers unaware of the fires
unprotected by their shelters

sitting ducks for the bomb!

how can one man decide the fate
of all their lives
i would never find peace of mind
but orders are orders
if i deny they’ll destroy my life

catastrophe in the adriatic sea after a b-2 aircraft carrying a nuclear bomb
crashed into the ocean. we have reasons to believe that the pilot was

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