one last dance lyrics – alkaline trio

you rolled in like a storm and brought the rain
showered me with scorn and all your pain
you told me you were torn in between days
now there’s nothing i or bobby smith can say
to chase this torrential torture away

there just ain’t words
to say how sorry i am
for acting like a schoolboy
trapped in a man
there’s nothing i won’t do
for one last chance
may i have this dance?
just one last dance?

i blew back into town just like the wind
beyond repair, the damage that i did
we both *ssumed we’d never speak again
‘til i saw you in those turquoise pumps and
dyed-black-bottom pants
i need you back, my friend


i’ve been dancing with the ghost of my self
i’ve been dancing with a ghost, it’s true
take the heart and the chop (?) off my shelf
pull it out and give it back to you

pull it out, give it back to you
pull it out, give it back to you


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