one more chance lyrics – e.y.c

why can’t we turn back the hands of time
holdin’ on the dreams inside
and i won’t let you down, look into my eyes
what do you see, honest and sincerely, darlin’
put your trust in me

baby give me one more chance to prove my love
it will last forever
baby give me one more chance to prove how much
just how much i love you

ooo why must we run down the reasons why
and we know that our love will decide
our true love will survive

(* repeat 2 times)

i’m missin’ you girl
i love you more than words can say
i think about you all night and day
that’s all i’m tryin’ to say
i feel you in my heart
i’m down on my knees
beggin’ please please please

so baby, i was wrong and all i’m asking for is just one more chance

(* repeat and fade out

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