one of the last lyrics – brotha lynch hung

verse 1:
man these wicked streets will drive a n*gg* insane
the week a c*ck back and put a pistol to da brain
weed alcohol nicotine and cocaine
the plot to break us all down to eat
you gotta cheat to break the law down
f*ck em buck em all down
yall down we can tear this motha f*cka up again
shootin nootin sn*tchin people out they trucks again
f*ck em den them motha f*ckas wanna lock me up again
have me duck stretched right writin letters home from the pin
man f*ck that i’d rather be stuck back on my block ssellin rocks wit a glock
runnin from da cops f*ck one time
grindin in da california sunshine
what am i do get rich b*tch f*ck money sometimes
runnin numbas ride the runnas get yo bundles keep it commin when u get it get it get it holla
money money money

like it’s one time
grindin in this california sunshine
from la to da bay to sac town and back downthey can take a bird outa town on a greyhound
or serve on curb in yah hood n*gg* stay down
repeat 2x

verse 2:
block sh*t we rock sh*t like cocaine
hit the mean street trippin and dippin servin up whole thangs
hotta then a ma f*cka
ther goes the rival u know the cities too small
better no im liable i’ll take a strap up in da mall
no bull sh*t illeagle fo clips
got that dual sh*t we be smokin em up you don’t know enough it’s rough
if life was free i would say f*ck p*ssy n*gg* don’t push me
im an o face killajay for he’s even if it’s bl**dy i get more cheese
smokin h*lla pounds of weed oe fukin up my gut
but im as drunk as can be
and eatin raw meat
reak what u sow
i got that heat that’ll make yah cold
die at 21 n*gg*
f*ck gettin old
money tah fold killa
show shootin ledge hoes
lick then split don’t trust no setup hoes
where dem clothes
grindin in this california sunshine
one nine killa for higher f*ck money sometimes
chorus 2x
verse 3:
i live a life of a mobsta
just talkin money eatin lobsta
and life swallows n*gg* just like a monsta
ya bones is the proof of death
investigators later said he dies a spooky death
you don’t even wanna hear how they said he died
just as well as californias home for homicide
we dodge death all dya tryin ta stay paid
and if our rivals don’t come then the cops don’t raid
so if a n*gg* aint high u no we drunk as f*ck
and if a n*gg* aint rich he’s tryin ta touch a buck
chorus 2x

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