one strange land lyrics – agents of good roots

one strange land
was built from the sea
put a crown to the castle
no strange land
could break the gl*ss
that cuts all the cats down
i heard the captains voice
no choice to listen up
to your m*sses
i heard the captain’s voice
like a whistle in the breeze

i’m going to the coast of manhattan
with a bag full of blues
and a yellow canary
captain he spoke
in a voice from the ivory coast
saying there’s no p*ssion in perfection
my son

pull the flag down
let dust settle back
on the rose-colored gl*sses
pull the flag down
and watch it whistle in the breeze
one last hope that lies
like a monkey that flies
to the scent of mol*sses
one last hope that lies
i watch it whistle to the bees

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