optimism’s victim lyrics – deserters

holding on, with nothing but dark days around you. just
can’t shake that
sinking feeling. moving on, you’re left behind and still
breathing. hope
runs thin and your wounds aren’t healing. lost in this
hole of mine, but
i’m trapped in this mind all the time. dark denies you
chance of survival.

now, all that’s left to do is suffer. just suffer. cold
takes no
prisoners. you know, but you’re trudging on. hope that
you won’t be
another stepping stone. keep moving on. noone makes it
out of this place
alive. in the dark, i force myself on your mind. open up
and let hate come
inside. now, look back with me at all the faces that i’ve
stepped on, just
to make it this far and not feel a f*cking thing. i told
you the truth. i
told you this is what i’d do: fake love, so that i could
step on you too.

hope’s gone. keep moving on.

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