oracle lyrics – fear the clown

you went off again today
to see if i still care
living your life obsolete
wondering if i’ll appear
i’ve been laughing at myself
watching, avoiding all the pain
it seems so long since i have left
i lay myself down in your hand

you still have the blood stain that i left upon you
i tried to show some remorse to you not you
take my hand and come with me come on come on
i feel like i have been blind the dust burns my eyes

i look up into the sky he’s waiting there for me
you then look into the sky he’s risen there for you
we have all been set free from him by him
heaven is the place to be it’s my home, father!

god has sent me to be free for me
without him i’d be lost and empty
you claim that there is time for you to recognize
there’s not that time to itemize

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