out with the old (finding the new) lyrics – forgotten hero

i’m starting over one more time,
i don’t like what i’ve become.
i’ve lost so many people,
do you see where i’m coming from?
i’m tarring down the walls again,
this hasn’t worked for me.
i need to find a new life,
but what am i supposed to be?

i don’t want a worry in the world.
so this life isn’t right for me.
i know i need to start over.
because this life isn’t right for me.

i’ve given the wrong impression,
of what people think of me.
and all i have is my mistakes,
for as far as i can see.
i’m looking for a new way out
please don’t leave me in the dark.
there’s no tunnel and light for me,
because we are too far a part.

to everyone out there,
i’m sorry if i’ve caused pain to you.
but you can take me word on this,
for now on i will be true.

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