outraged and moved lyrics – fair sex

taste that silence
and strave
heartache* taste heartache
and play the game of
bite release bite
o! surprise! injured!
torrents and torments
blade of hate, blade of love:
this is splendid! important!
it’s all a matter of
bite release bite
they could not love it
so they bit it
even the stoutest might fall for
the s*x and rules of
bite release bite
no love:

no breakdowns
no hurts:

no blessed times
it’s all too unkind
bite release bite
ways to sirens: there are
thousands and more
hot fey mood: hate
hot fey mood: love
too ridiculous a game:
(the game of)
bite release bite
love is cold
i shiver to the bones
we’d better howl
we tried to score
tried again and again
outraged and moved
we’ve been devouring ourselves
how ridiculous

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