overwhelmed lyrics – butterfly effect

you’ve got me crawling out of a hole in the ground now
pick me up, dust me off and then you push me around again
i watch you hit/kick, with the hatred you strike
shamed to smile, broken teeth then you turn out the lights on me

i know why you want to hurt me so bad
you didn’t mean to hurt me so bad
but you did

now that you’ve got your hand tightly gripped around my throat
broken back, shortest straw and i’m beginning to choke
i’m sorry for the blood, these stains won’t come out
can’t you see what you’ve done, what you did, what you’ve done to me?

why are you hurting me?
only you know
when you hit me again i know you
what you did, you did it to me
when you hit me again i know you

i’m afraid of sleeping

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