oy vey lyrics – james e.f landau

i am using the word “oy”,
true, he did at times annoy,
pittman was a bad, bad boy,
but why must someone employ
forces that they could deploy,
and have them seek-and-destroy
just when we were all full of joy
and gay?
oy vey!
although i eat bagels and lox,
it still seems a paradox
that when the grim reaper stalks
up behind and finally knocks
at the door of who gives talks
that exalt the aryan stocks
that i should break the ice blocks
to say,
oy vey!
could this be the start of something eschatological?
well, even if you find that illogical,
let us pray
for a happier dé-
nouement and day —-
oy vey!

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