p.s. i love you lyrics – bette midler

dear, i thought i’d drop a line.
the weather’s cool. the folks are fine.
i’m in bed each night at nine.
p.s. i love you.

yesterday we had some rain,
but all in all i can’t complain.
was it dusty on the train?
p.s. i love you.

write to the browns just as soon as you’re able.
they came around to call.
i burned a hole in the dining room table.
and let me see, i guess that’s all.

nothin’ else for me to say,
and so i’ll close. oh, by the way,
everybody’s thinkin’ of you.
p.s. i love you.

i do my best to obey all your wishes.
i put a sign up. think
now i got to buy us a new set of dishes,
or wash the ones that have piled in the sink.

nothing else to tell you, dear.
except, each day feels like a year.
every night i’m dreamin’ of you.
p.s. i love you.
p.s. i love you.

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