page one lyrics – charlatans uk

physically i resemble a vulture – too close
to meaning when the world is telling me –
don’t go
and i can’t even sell myself. the moods
of a foreigner and the beating(s) of
a train conductor
physically i resemble a dog – no bones for
this one when the butcher is out for me –
don’t go
and i can’t even save myself and you’re
brutality is obvious to me, please

inside of me i am going to break up every
part of her, not here
inside me. i want to break up every (break
up every part of her) not here

physically, you resemble a swan.
your femininity or girlish appeal,
i don’t know?
and she can’t even save herself. you were
going nowhere now you’re way down here
with me. please


when the one has been overthrown, the
way you look at me from an open fire. i
could have died although i am alright now
you’re twisted, determined and begging
for peace

chorus (x2)

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