pain’s ceremony lyrics – mystirium

loneliest life with my knife
i need the blood inside your brine
have you smell the old blood on my knife
its like dead cats in the dark land out of save
do you want see this art of bones collection
you can’t ignore the red light shadow reflection
while i m alone on my filthy throne
she is coming to me from her darkness zone
to eating the cold dead from my murders table
i’m enjoying with her darkness black lips and nibbles
how many times i kissed her stomach while she eating
it’s like a symphony of anger coming from her bones
all the time i think of my loneliest darkness bath
to spend my time with my old eve witches loath kath
having s*x and smashing heads
drinking blood from women’s lips
the bl**dy skeleton painting surrounds my walls room
let the dead eve souls sharing my filthy countess’ own
desire’s souls want me to organize them pain’s ceremony
from the pentagram pleasures to endless vast mystirium
how long i wait your filthy sathanas need
candles burning and cold dark water breed
give me your dark virgin victims
and let her set on my bl**dy throne
burn the fire in the belial desert zone
before moon lighting cover the old bones
from the hills of anger oblivion doom calls symphony
silent gloomy screams to began black funeral ceremony
feel the life in the hollow darkness
and order the virgin to servant your lifeless
having s*x and smashing heads
drinking blood from women’s lips
give me your dark virgin victims
ask her the last filthy dictums
in the black cosmic omen’s follow
now we have beginnings of the sorrow
on the eve death pentagram
we cut her knee nerve while burning flames
having s*x and smashing heads
drinking blood from women’s lips
no one can stop our darkness ceremony
except the thunder from the heaven to belial harmony
we can’t live without the darkness nocturnal screams
in the limbo path that we f*ck and kill the virgins
if you want join us in this suffering
you can’t get out from thy offerings
don’t ask me if you only the one how suffering here
i’m here from the first sin that i did before woman’s

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