panoramic lyrics – johnny booth

p*ssion marks from a devious rat
makes a bloated face for a sociopath.
how can business as usual stop,
a recession brought on by your contagious intuition.

the air’s too thick to breath.
cannibals are the only names that bring embracing
forgotten evolution of serpents that preach to the ears
of what markets apply.

yes, i was there. the day our country died.
but where were you? when the world was so fragile.
when it burst into thin air.
we fight to p*ss the time; we face our backs to the
withering lifeline.
so we wouldn’t have to think, we’ll stretch out their
a calculated killer with a hidden agenda.

perfection seekers will never find the answers only
words, stretched across like strings,
concussion caused by a violent reaper.
friendly smiles with- selfish intent,
ugly is the- new beautiful.
point out insignificance, helps us realize we’re not
we’re all connected.

this world is getting smaller
we’re drowning in our thoughts,
and we must bleach the forecast.
this world is getting smaller.

you’re just a page in the book of a coward
you’re just a page in a book of the coward.

disgust is the, new creation
our chances of a fitting solution
has been predetermined, it’s destined to fail.
just don’t get what you’re so afraid of.

this world is getting smaller, for a planet that just
can’t hold us down.
our leaders have steered us down the path of the none
now stone bricks come out of your foundation,
forgetting why you were forged.
forgetting why you were ever forged.

fables of a new day have gone.

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