paper chasin lyrics – young jeezy

u think its a game
seven figure n*gg* comin fresh out tha trap
a former drug dealer wit a vest and a strap
in a 7 1 impala wit a tech in my lap
make a n*gg* doze of like he takin a nap
tell a n*gg* doze off roads winners purhaps
whole crue thowed off came from hangin wit cacks
now thats who u dnt cross shawty on tha trap
or blow a n*gg*s head off shawty im know to snap
maybe why weve been followed and our phones are tapped
k still put on were we live on tha map
now im callin n*gg*s bluffs i done heard enough
hollin dough boy never even surved tha stuff
err body on tha west side herd of us
i aint care since tha rose on 4 in da bluff
n*gg* remember we was heavy in tha dro in da duff
killaz is itchin ta bust on n*gg*z who iz mentionnen us

this is 4 our n*gg*z out back spendid times chasas dope stacks get to da bois in tha trap livin in pimpin lets get this money like women 2x
u think its a game

thatsss right
j double e z-y
live my life stackin paper f*ck gettin by
getm in getm out in tha same night
told mi n*gg* tip great minds thinkin righht
and now im stackin grands man
in da a wit my n*gg* rubberband man
oh nooo!!!
their he go again
got his upfront money sellin blow again
real n*gg*s do real things so go figure
thats why i spit real sh*t 4 da dope dealerrs
low key in tha car to da duffel bags
get tha club poppin cris so i gotta brag
fresh white tee and a atown fitted
everybody paper ballin best beleive im wit it
thats right
u say u real then u gotta prove it
and this aint hood hop n*gg* this is trap muzik

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