pass out lyrics – chris brown

“p*ss out”

hot p*ssin hour in the club
i was trying to cut her up
i was sippin on
tryin to find the missing link
you had a mission trying to vouge
then i came right through the smoke
i was smoking hot
catch my fever lets burn up the floor
i need to know, how to get into you
baby im liking your b*tt (bod)
oooo you got me stuck
so i can enter you
how i can flow my moves

dont breathe
i want to take a breath
let your body feel it all night, from your body
it can charge you all up
lets start a riot on the floor
wait till you p*ss out
wait till you p*ss out, yeeeah
wait till you p*ss out
wait till you p*ss out

im all amped up and its so hard to turn me down
lets burn sh*t up cause im your fire starter now
i’ll bring it back can you smell that
now that im a rockstar i just wanna stomp your heart
go go and start on the dance floor
go go am i what you ask for
i’m a monster not a pretty little girl
eyes on me so come follow me


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