passages of lesser light lyrics – wormwood

a bridge between sun and form:
to cross through shade,
to cross along p*ssages of lesser light

along these, shapes arrange shadow:
details lost to grey,
intention lost to absence of light

expressions seeming dulled, denied.
left to the imagination,
the mind lets loose its worst.

a p*ssing sense of intuition doubted for the dark,
for the worst and for the grey –
a p*ssing memory: secure, serene, sublime.

the between memory & storms,
when shadows are never still
between fierce design & overkill –
a p*ssing memory of lightness
is but a likeness which our minds arrange,
for joy or sorrow p*ssing – for all our efforts lost or
for forms to shade, design to grey,
intention lost to the absence of light.

p*ssages arrange, by nature, reemergence.
it is true of p*ssages of shade.

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