pay lyrics – esham

growing up living in a panic zone
spitting wicked sh*t on the microphone
smoke that sh*t yo brains be blown
you gone
n*gg* wrong
only out for the skrilla
thats my fetty boss (?)
187 ain’t nothing but spagetti sauce
cross me you pay all costs
here’s one, your *ss just lost
all ya’ll must pay
every dog has his day
that’s the reason they made the ak
who just made the 10 o’clock news?
blew that boy up out his shoes
old rules, left no clues
body found floating in a bl**dy pool
m*ss hysteria in america
game lock down like a pit bull terrier
b*tch been a millionaire, still won’t marry ya
slugs to you head
six people paulbear-y ya
colgate froze flows like cocaine
mental over dose explode yo brain
some might think that it’s insane
to take a gun c*ck back and aim

you know you can’t play me
baby gotta pay me

(layzie bone)
number one mission
gotta get this cash
and if a n*gg* f*ck with that
i’ma get in his *ss
i pull the trigger, squeeze, blast
if you thinking you gonna last
seventeen to the spleen
you a thing of the past
when i really wanna smash
i hit the stash spot
put the nine to ya mind
and clean ya cash out
if a n*gg* had to play me
if he ever owe me
a thug of all my business
i’ll do ya homie
drink the o-e
i tote the tech nine
i dont care what ya claim
you gonna respect mine
mean time, in between time
on the esham
finna’ put it down when it comes to the green now
look into my eye
tell me can ya really see?
it’s the truth when i rap
cause i bring mine
bring it like i bring it
cause n*gg* o-t
original thugsta from the b-o-n-e
c-town to the d-town
it’s a midwest thing
we let them hang to the greez-ound
smoking trees my the peez-ound
blowing big with my n*gg*s
mothaf*cka wanna beat down
but i’ma hit ya with the heat now
cause when i creep now
deep down, n*gg* wanna let it go
but when it comes to the fetty yo
a rich mothaf*cka turn straight into a wetty ho

(krayzie bone)
all the way from the c-town
to the mothaf*cking d-town
we down to get it cracking
robbing them with rapping, attacking
whatever make us happy
a n*gg* only happy if he got some cash
but if i’m broke as f*ck then, i’m mad
ready to put a gun to some unlucky, mothaf*ckas *ss
then i’m taking for the stash
break them
leave that n*gg* there looking sad
but if he trying jump bad
i’ma fade him
the n*gg* gave me no ultimatum
i don’t play that sh*t
i made the money n*gg*
pay me!
i ain’t got all day
i got a couple mothaf*ckas to break
i want skrilla, for rilla
killa, dollar bill-a
this trigger is not ya friend
and it’s got no heart
so don’t be thinking i won’t stop yours
give me everything ya got boy
you and i
caught in the midst of.
wig splita killa criminals
better watch out boy ya might die!
die! (echoes)

you know you cant play me
baby gatta pay me

(wish bone)
we coming show no love
cause i gotta get mine
even if i must bust
say again, i been good
but i’m still in the streets with heat
cause a n*gg* gotta eat
it’s a bone thing what!
cause i love some money
funky, filthy, dirty money
and i, really hope ya don’t owe me
cause i, really love my money
ya die
i don’t give a f*ck
made in the hood
i don’t give a f*ck
man they say its all good
just give me my cheese
or else somebody gonna bleed
can ya feel that?
n*gg* get back
what ya don’t believe?
ain’t no telling what the bone thug n*gg*s got sleeved
look like a picture
flash and i get ya
no cameras here
just nine millimeters
i’m not gonna loose
real thug
really don’t pay my dues
but f*ckas wanna test
ain’t telling who
that’s why i don’t give a f*ck
about bl**dy pools
leave them in that
f*ck that
bust back
real thugs stay strapped
(?) in my body
but i’m really live that
yes i love that honey
but, oh, i love that money
that money, so much mo’!

you can’t play me
baby gatta pay me

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