peace beyond earth lyrics – makers

scattered light!
dust billows up from the ground
i find myself jumping for my life
i can’t believe this is happening
i am under a rock and something touches my skin
thoughts jolt through my memory
like i was never even born here at all
i don’t think this thing is human
i am meeting the outside world
talk now
i don’t think this thing is human
talk now

a creature similar to our own
how can they be better
oh why are we the only ones
that lie and hate

this is the only one
that we have ever seen
and its told me so much more
then this world will ever know

there is no measure of time
as i fly through the night sky
an impression of one finger
will tear all down to the ground
to the ground

i never asked for this
i swear i can’t do this
will this be my life
please take it back
take control this is your life now
there is a person that needs all my help
a falling being with words unspoken
her beauty is sent from above
her body falls from the highest tower
her screams growing faint by the moment
rushing, rushing to save her
i am wondering if i ever will make it
p*ssing through the gl*ss
i swiftly p*ss my hands through her hair
my bodies bombarded
dropping to the ground
hit the floor
as i raise her up
people stop, look now

this is who i am
this is who i’m suppose to be
this is now my dream
and it’s made me everything that i’ve got
i’ll never stop
this is the way it’s meant to be.

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