peace life lyrics – mann

[verse 1: mann]
sitting still as the the world spins
this sh*t is real it gets revealed in the whirlwind
sometimes i think i need a girlfriend
nothing can take my mind off the problems like the pearl can
ain’t got none, but thinking about my children
like will i conceal them from this fake world we live in
it’s just a mental prison we changing our condition
life is based off thought its all about decisions
one day i had a vision the mission was clear
i’m the next to be like them great mean who ain’t here
as long as i handle my business with wisdom and care
give up to the divine spirit taking me there
earth fire water and air ,the sun and the moon
what i seek and speak is the truth you will understand soon
last summer tried shrooms , because it comes from the earth
that led to research, revelation, rebirth, word

[verse 2: mann]
what’s living without a motive?
like children without a future
inspired a crowd i spoke to about
my interest in possibly starting a counterculture
a world without owls and vultures
who hover over us and watch as they reduce us
to useless humans, the f*ck are they doing?
its just a sound stage bruh this can’t be true man
i got a voice and i’mma use it since i got the chance
i got to stand, for all my fans
for those who don’t understand
don’t even trip , because he’s got a plan
though its not a man, i just gotta say it
a lot of meditation and a lot of prayer
life is just a game, lucky i’mma player
had to practice patience now baby i’m prepared

[verse 3: mann]
everything i need right in front of me
since kid i dictated how my life was gonna be
i would be big one day , because that’s all i see
this art is apart of me fulfilling prophecy
my life is one big party scene all my women quality
crack em all like pollyseeds, oyb the policy
mother f*ck the politics i mean that no apologies
i’m just tired of all the sh*t with intentions of stopping me
i’m released now i’m relieved
i am no longer in the system, which means i’m no body’s property
renegade artist setting himself up properly
give me studio freedom of speech and a lot of weed
in the end there won’t be a goal that i have not achieved
surrender, trust and receive
we all stars, on the same team
expressions of the universe, living in the same dream

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