peace of mind lyrics – naysayer

walking down the street
thinking about everything
’cause i can’t f*cking sleep
look what you’ve done to me
so f*cking miserable
that i don’t want to speak

lying to myself
saying things will be fine
but this is where we’re at
i can’t turn back time

before you go i just want you to know
i didn’t f*cking want this and i’m not happy
now i hope you’re just as miserable
where did we go so f*cking wrong?

temptation surrounds
so easy to give in
to the hand that feeds deception
looking around
now you’re nowhere to be found
i can’t go back
i know where we stand
had me trapped
caught up in your lies
but i’m not wasting anymore of my time
i just want some peace of mind

what will you do when they turn their backs
and become just a part of your past?
times have changed now you’re someone new
and that’s fine
i’m better off without you

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