perfumes of doom lyrics – dead

pants off
full moon rising
lovely stench
is terrorizing

a brand new fart hits the day
take a deep breath
it doesn’t smell like flowers
but like frederic and *ss
face in the wind
take a nose full of love
breath or glory!
you’re a wimp when you cough!

straight from my heart
and out of my *ss
the air is fulfilled
with my glorious gas
the winds are unleashed
there’s o turning back
as you inhale all my love
with your nose on my crack

perfumes of doom!

i create sonar sound
with a special effect
two farts are better than one
that is a fact!
sauerkraut and garlic
coleslaw and beans
guaranteed pure erotic
you know what that means!

straight from my heart…

my flatulence
so immense

fear my *ss!

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