permanent deceit lyrics – emerna

your musing gaze to the sphere, renewed all the frays in
and silence is screaming still, as i try to ask you to

i wonder at my suicide in eden.
in fear the gloom of the wheel is hidden.

and still i laugh to your silent shame.
i told you all that’s over the game.

the game is over … huahaa.

alone in corners of my infinite sight.
staring in silence to weaken of light.

screaming so hopeless in darkness a name.
i’m fractured in the clash of the rain and flame.

i burn the written fate and i lie in dust.
… and how the lunatic star seared my l*st!

do not behold to my shameful loneliness…
for i’ve lost even myself now in this emptiness…

i’ll be truly forever even after you deceived the truth.

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