perpetual mockery lyrics – beheaded

[music: d.bugeja o.grech t.fenech]
[words: d.bugeja]

absorbed within this lunatic world
premature lifes habitually misled
messengers of a nihil belief
dispel thoughts that deceive
thriving on all weak ident*ties
devoted ones, abused subtlety
an inherited course of malice
bestowed on those who share their chalice

oblivious of own infirmities
to fade subserviently
forced into a falsified reality
perpetual mockery
sowing seeds of adversity
ripping at sanity
revel in eternal sanct*ty
perpetual mockery

all faith is being severed
by the fallacies that are revered
obscured minds, impaired veracity
fertile ground for christianity
beliefs void of any proof
pay homage to a twisted truth
spiritual icons created to elude
emotions grimly misconstrued

[solo: david]

[repeat verse 3]

[solo: omar]

intimidated by the thought of a second life
restricted eyes can’t see beyond these walls of lies
creativity’s lost, choked within a life of dissidence
false ideologies spread with malicious pretence
rejecting moral values, reality’s slipping away
a fragile grip that’s fading, weakening day by day
a frivolous place in heaven will surely be secured
for all sacrifices that are vainly being endured

[solo: david]
[repeat 1st verse, chorus & verse 3]

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