pervert lyrics – bouncing souls

[descendents cover song]
don’t you think it’s time i let you know don’t you think i should before you go i’m not gonna let you get away cuz i want to f*ck
you night and day i’m a pervert i like to go out on dates see a movie, communicate we’ll go home and have some fun i’ll tell
you, sure you’re the only one then when i leave your house i smell of s*x then i know i’m a pervert, because i like it then i
know i’m a pervert, becase i want it want it all of the time don’t you wonder sometimes what i want don’t you sometimes
think i just want your – c*nt i’d hate to think that romance is just a pose but all i want to do is rip off your clothes i’m a
pervert i like to hold you in my arms you know i wouldn’t do you harm i never take advantage, in my book that’s a sin but
somehow i find myself caressing your skin then there’s one word on my mind and that word is – f*ck

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