pestilencia lyrics – haggard

aides moi…
[help me…]

oh, il est tombe! mais, qu’est-ce qu’il a?
[oh, he’s fallen down! but what’s wrong with him?]
saint vierge! au secours!
[blessed virgin! help!]
venez! venez! venez!
[come! come! come!]

c’est la peste! c’est la peste!
[it’s pestilence! it’s pestilence!]
sauve qui peut! sauve qui peut!
[run for cover! run for cover!]

dominus vobisc*m
[let the god be with you.]
et c*m spiritu tuo. quid est, quod vis?
[an with thy spirit. what is it, that you want?]

iter! claudite fenestras et portas! nunc m*n*s
[go! close the windows and the doors! now the punishing]
dei punientis pestilentiam etiam
[hand of the god will pestilence]
agentem apportavit!
[further bring]

domine, serva animos nostros…
[lord, guard our souls]

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