phantasm lyrics – dominium

it can’t be my shadow,
although i’m standing alone.
i feel as if…
an imaginary monster has nested deep inside my
and, i fear, it has became an integral part of my soul.

i walk by your side
i’m losing my mind
i don’t know where i come from

on that fatal day
i’ve chosen my way
right… wrong… i don’t know

my demons remain
they mess in my brain
and tell me what to do

i’m cutting my veins
i hope it’s the end
but someone keeps rescuing me

anxiety of the day…
every morning…
makes me weak and vulnerable,
susceptible to pain imprisoned in my mind.
the beast feeds on my suffering.

how to live with myself
when all i see is phantasmagoria
time destroys everything
to live to die – seems to be an endless lie

we are vagabonds
always on the road
we are vagabonds
me & my private beast…

we are inseparable now… like twins… like siamese
like a host and his parasite on their fatal journey to

and we meet people… many people…
their soulless bodies are nothing
but parts of the huge machine
creating the system…

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