philadelphia song (dialogue) lyrics – matt nathanson

philadalphia… you’re in my heart.
i wrote a little song for you

youre f*ckin s*xy b*tches
wicked f*ckin s*xy b*tches
i love the way you rock

will smith’s from this town
cinderellas from this towm
you rock

rocky is from this town
and he rocks
his name is f*ckin rocky
its rock with a y

burgess meredith died
helping rocky live
and he rose like a pheonix
i’m gonna do the same for you
i’m gonna go down. for you
like a burnin burnin burn alive, like a pheonix
i’m gonna f*ckin rise like a pheonix
like jesus
o’ christ
i love you philadalphia
got too much love
you cracked the liberty bell
so much love you f*cking cracked cast iron.

thats my philadalphia song… i’m working on it
its not really done… its at like this crucial point…
like where do you go.

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