photograph lyrics – inspection 12

sixteen you looked like a photograph
pristine i still recall when i saw you
and i still see you standing there
yea i still see you
that was then
this is now
and i often wonder how i’ve held myself together for so long
honor was lost
rumors were true
what came through town and wiped out everyone i knew?
i won’t break down
no, not this time
that faded photograph’s not yours. it’s mine
you knew me better than anyone
is it me who’s changed or is it everyone?
but i still see you
this distance makes us closer
by my side
i tell myself that i still see you
even though i’m broke in two ways
empty hands a different face
i might as well just change my name and leave this town
i think anonymity’s what’s needed now
i won’t be a martyr
it’s too overrated
where the h*ll’s that picture i’ve always wanted painted?
i may not have the answer
all i really need is time
and i may never find it out
but i’ll be d*mned if i won’t try
it’s not so bad
there’s still a few
it must have been my eyes distorting everyone i knew
i won’t break down
no, not this time
this faded photograph’s not yours

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