picture this lyrics – lloyd banks

can you picture another girl to hit or ride with you?
i get around, i’ll probably never tell you how i miss you
the hair on top of her – on a fly n*gg*
you’re here now, right, wrong, at it all night long

[verse 1]
baby picture me and you without the status
none of these losers had they turn, but only focus on what matters
mac-11 when my leg in, f*ck my angel back to heaven
dime easily, that att*tude gon’ make me add a seven
livin’ like what i rap ’bout on the regular
baby you made me tap out, you a legend
i pray i live a lifestyle like this forever
so every hour, every minute, every second
i’m dime stretchin’, murdered by her mid section
caramelized in complexion and i’m dougie when i’m s*xin’
breathe baby, you gon’ love me in a second
enter my beautiful world where the ugly ain’t accepted
your s*x is like a weapon, you snub me when you love me
this sh*t gon’ take some time, i’ll love you for your effort
heartbreaker and i probably broke a record
lookin’ for someone that wanna party and forget it


[verse 2]
woke up in the morning in the middle again
cell phone vids and pics of me you and your friend
can’t go to sleep without a ten, it ain’t a rumor, it’s him
you hear things like murder screams out the room when i’m in
i’m in the p*ssy so deep i feel her heartbeat
room 210 not a menage suite, my name’s in the concrete
brought back the bottles and the zip, now we drunk and high
couple models, that’s eight lips, i think i touched the sky…
that’s for all the ones that used to front
you’ll be luck if i venture back, i’ve got to peep and break ’em off
i’ve got my pyts on tape, tapin’ my fingers up
upstairs sh*t can get real – told your woman such
all i hear is slow down, that’s when i speed up
tag teamin’ sabrina, me and maria
i got a lock on her mind, don’t try to free her
hold on to that ’til next, i’ll see ya when i see ya


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