pimp anthem lyrics – ice-t

ah sh*t
ice-t back
representin, n*gg*, once again
that real sh*t, n*gg*
i thought you knew, b*tch
better recognize

[ chorus ]
players, check your grip before you get popped
b*tches, get my money before you get dropped
gotcha – buggin off the words i say
because this type of pimpin happens every day

[ verse 1 ]
n*gg*s wanna know my steelo
b*tches wanna get with the baddest
hustlin apparatus
it’s the la cash flow master-roller
no one gets colder, i used to flip boulders
of caine, on my brain, it’s outta control, crime plot
a dead-*ss cop and m*th*f*ckas get got
in the game it ain’t safe for the weak or the timid
known to break a b*tch but barely rarely slide up in it
so you see me in a club, grab your woman like you wanna
blink your eyes and the freak is out there freezin on the corner
she got caught by the curls and the jewels
lookin for a n*gg* that is quick to pull tools
now she’s breakin herself, makin herself
respect my technique of pimpin, minus all simpin
check it b*tches, it ain’t nothin nice
you’re gonna seal or sell p*ssy if you roll with the ice

[ chorus ]

[ verse 2 ]
oh my god, the n*gg* rolls hard..
every player mentions me
the hustler of the century
(ice, that n*gg* ain’t nothin nice!)
i got more freaks than heff’, my bankroll’s off vice
commandin straight pimp tactics
none of y’all can match this
meet a freak in a week, her workplace a matress
really though, recognize the pimp type flow
i don’t smoke endo, i count cash on my patio
so much love on the streets, don’t need no bodyguard
big up to my homies with the pimp type nod
i’m off the hook, checkin traps in vegas [name]
full link mink with the matchin borsalino
i change cars like you change drawers, b*tch
i got a stable full of thoroughbreds that make me rich
n*gg*s hate me, cause they can’t control they roll
they see that fat old *ss and start givin me cash

[ chorus ]

[ verse 3 ]
my mind’s blown off fine champagne
so bent on currency, got green in my vein
so d*mn smooth that every woman wanna touch me
so much s*xuality that nuns wanna f*ck me
i kick back with my pimpin ballin brothers
stand over the bed, dump the cash on the covers
the game’s got me, i’m a slave to the roll
hoes belong on the track and i belong in gold
silk and satin, i deserve a pimpin pattin
been in the life so long cause i stomp b*tches who start rattin
mostly friendly, but do got that gorilla in me
save it for the player-hater n*gg*s with the envy
lot of n*gg*s talk it, but they can’t hold a hooker
ice took her, she was too long a looker
it’s strictly straight-lace hustlin on mine
i been pimpin all my life and i don’t mind dyin

[ chorus ]

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