plague of locusts lyrics – harvey danger

it’s in revelations one to twenty-two,
scorpions and hydra breathing fire at you,
so mark your foreheads,
seven golden lamp stands to light the fury from the sky, yeah,
i will kill your children, i know your works and labour,
they cant save you.

throats are parched with smoke from golden censer,
rivers run with blood, wormwood to quench you from being to nothingness,
second woe is past look out! look out! third ones coming up, yeah,
seal up the righteous and screw the wicked over, its all over.

its a plague of locusts!
hallelujah! its raining frogs!
its a boulder hailstorm! hahaha!
its the wrath of, god d*mn.

the names are in the book not yours,
four hors*m*n ride the range,
hark! the herald angels carnage,
p-p-p-p-pestilence and bloodshed,
wash away all your mistakes,
before they cast your wretched flesh,
into the fiery lake and its coming!

and its a plague of locusts!
its a plague of locusts!
its a plague of locusts!
its the wrath of!

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