planned simple lyrics – forgotten hero

you spread lies about me,
talk cr*p about me.
right behind my back.
but you should know,
that my friends know.
what is truth and fact.
just keep playing this game.
you will always loose this game.
keep on rolling those dice.
you always come up,
with your hands up,
in your little heist.

don’t expect me,
to worry about you.
just except me,
to hate what you do.
i don’t want,
to be around you.
i told you,
i hate what you do.

you lie about me,
yet you want to be like me.
i don’t get your game.
so keep throwing this up,
i’m sure you’ll wind up.
in the hall of shame.
so just give up,
put your hands up.
please just leave me.
you will never be,
what you want to be,
but i guess you’ll never see.

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