plants of the bizarre lyrics – incubator

whispering – from a part inside
of you laughing in a dream
which may be true
plants – of – the – bizarre
you feel a act of mercy
those gluttonous
are tasting lovely meat
this kind of evil was born
by sins – sins
you’re d*mned
to suffering
in a world of
horrible illusions
disfigure me condemned
to pray
that what i see is
the expulsion of my soul
my flesh is burning still
my tears are falling hard
the tomb of love is
psycho terror
my life is just a
crippled error
so stand up and touch
my greens
my power will destroy
your last human signs
plants of the bizarre
gastric juice comes out
of you
you screaming
loud i am laughing still
oh, father see these doors
are closed for me
i can’t escape, what shall i do
my loniest wish
is to escape
this place is hot
and i shall burn
the – plants – of – the – bizarre

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