please forgive me lyrics – delia erin

hey there you….whats going on?
i thought i told you i loved you
i thought i told you that you were the one
for me
i guess you didn’t hear me right
maybe i should say it again
i love you forever and ever
i’m on my knees
begging you please
forgive me
i never wanted to hurt you
you never really treated me right
the you turn away
and start talking to her
you know i can’t stand it
when you treat me like that
but i never thought it would have to
end like this
you have lied to me so many-a-times
and i’m hoping and praying that
you won’t go away!!!!

fine then
forget you
i don’t need to be treated like that
but i have one more thing to say…..
chorus: (repeat 3x)

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