pledge of aversion lyrics – resist the thought

i pledge allegiance to a broken society
we have all been betrayed
there is no justice in this world
f*ck democracy
liberty has been slayed

i hold this malice in my heart
like a plague it flows through my veins
we are a living monument to the governments

herded and brainwashed
enslaved and deceived
this is our time for revenge
ascension unto the throne
of remorseful tenement
catacombs filled with shards of those who have fallen
regrets a regiment

constrict the notion of free will
you’ve regressed past that point
where you accept what fate condemns as sovereign
no choice

i pledge allegiance to defile modern monarchs
denounce the throne
set the establishment in flames
our leaders call upon their
self created global fear
to justify a means for violence
justify a means for war

we share the same blood
we share the same flesh
yet they forsake us for a few f*cking cents

/ resist the thought lyrics