pocket full lyrics – obie trice

r.i.p. explainmy n*gg* b-i-g notorious big
yeah get on my big sh*t

[verse 1]
us notes is all a n*gg* really aim for
flipping c*ke is how i learned to make the change roll
momma took my *ss to the police for the leak
too involved with the streets pushing the coca leaf
chopping up onions in the dungeon
me and p-funk only a few n*gg*s obie roll with
now i’m on some dumb sh*t all in south west
2000 dollar sack no burner no vest
babymama stressed thinking i’m going to die to night
f*ck that, daughter need diapers baby wipes
only kobie knew what her daddy had to do to pay for air jordan booties keep her in cute shoes
n*gg* might make the news
jakes steady chasing me
raided my mom house
my fam can’t face me
saying i disgraced them
serving up these junkies
i got a pocket full of honkies

5-0 will never catch that n*gg* o’ with a pocket full of honkies
on the road n*gg* blowing dough i got a pocket full of honkies
got a few, n*gg* trying to get more i need a pocket full of honkies
trying to send a n*gg* sitting behind closed doors over a pocket full of honkies

[verse 2]
how could i be racist
i love green bills with white faces
afford them nice places
taking pictures on retreats
pictures on the beach
exotic eats
lounging in venice aquatic streets
done with the partying i’m back up on my bullsh*t
burner with the full clip
n*gg*s want to bullsh*t
take a n*gg* ?jewish? sh*t
erase you with the tool quick
place me in the ball pen
i’ll lay you by the ball pit
heavy since youth a n*gg* stayed in f*cking trouble
habitual felon f*ck a ccw
police got to catch him
piece under the briefs
with a bad b*tch sucking my d*ck named al tarees
house for lease,
we going to move the f*ck in it then,
turn it to the carter, just like my n*gg* nino and them
*ssault rifles, banana clips for you monkies
trying to stop me while i’m hungry,
i got a pocket full of honkies!


out here getting it for real
coke is moving
we bought a house up on the hill
party every night
some homies is off the pill
keep your head right when vic’s want us to squeal
homie hit a left when he should of hit a right
when the hook out
feds put the lights and then his wife stook out
i just want to see my wife
i know where he get it at
he get a hundred of them things right there on lauter street
i know where he get it at
i’ll tell you everything
can’t we all just get a mill?
without you n*gg*s snitching like a b*tch that copped a deal
n*gg*s want the life but ain’t got the zeal
n*gg* chose his wife over money get him killed
like frank white trice jeans stay motherf*cking filled
some wrapped, islamic


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