poisoned treasures lyrics – lord weird slough feg

in the city’s underside
where the conquerors divide
another poisoned treasure
hard luck stories coincide

kamikaze and his blade
on a vagabond crusade
only seeking pleasure

in the asphalt holy wars
open eyes and open sores
spiral architecture
crystal logic metaphors

in a spoiled nation’s plight
many have given up the fight
now they’re here forever

you’re down among the dead
your sentence has been read
but i was only seeking pleasure
and now it must be fed

underneath the city walls
as the final curtain falls
i can hear the laughter
creeping slowly through the stalls

sacred war between the sheets
bringing terror to the streets
you know what he’s after

in a residence hotel
where his latest victim fell
frozen silent rapture

broken spirits, broken bones
bringing power to the drones
ending in disaster

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