pop that coochie lyrics – 2 live crew

fki = fresh kid ice
bm = brother marquis

“go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-od-d*mn! shee-yee-yit! look at the *ss
on that b*tch! look at the t*tties!”

(mixx scratches “aw hit me!” and “hold your legs up on easy.”)

verse 1
[fki] there’s only one place where we can go
to see freaky hoes doin’ shows
doin’ tricks to make us holler
on a giving night, all for a dollar
silicone br**sts, all on their chests
nothin’ like others, but above the rest
they’ll do anything to turn us on
them hoes got it goin’ on!
[bm] i like big booty and big ol’ t*tties
b*tch, you know you’ve been f*cked by many
so come and be my private dancer
i got some money if that’s the answer
i really wanna be with you;
i get hard after seeing you
how hard? hard like a rock,
when you make that p*ssy pop!

chorus(2x): luke
pop that p*ssy! heyyy! pop that p*ssy, baby!
pop that p*ssy! pop, pop that p*ssy, baby!

verse 2
[fki] freaky b*tches with plenty of *ss
rollin’ to the music and shakin’ real fast
bend over backwards, make me shout
and work that p*ssy, in and out
movin’ their body with plenty of action
bringin’ to the men more satisfaction
doin’ what they feel to turn us out
just work that p*ssy all the way out!
[bm] shake it! don’t break it!
it took your momma nine months to make it
bend over and spread ’em, girl
show-w-w me those p*ssy pearls
rub that *ss and play with that cl*t
you know i like that freaky sh*t
girl, you know you look so cute
throwin’ that p*ssy the way you do!


verse 3
[fki] poppin’ that p*ssy’s a dance for the ladies
straight from the south, into the 90’s
freaky b*tches are the ones i like
in g-strings in the middle of the night
smoke-filled stages, b*tches in cages
guards at the door, armed with gauges
as they dance and i get hot,
keep throwin’ that p*ssy! don’t stop!
[bm] i like the way you lick the champagne gl*ss
it makes me wanna stick my d*ck in your *ss
so come on, baby, and pop it quick
i fall in love when you suck my d*ck
b*tch, you don’t know? you ain’t heard?
f*ckin’ with me, you’re gonna get served
see, none of my b*tches, they never complain
so come on, baby, and pop that thang!


janet j, pop, that pus-sy!
bu-bles, pop, that pus-sy!
sandra p, pop, that pus-sy!
ma-donna, pop that stinky smelly p*ssy, baby!

mixx scratches “work this motherf*cker!” “sh*t, this good!” “woo hoo!”)



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