poppin lyrics – ricky mulah

lotta’ these dudes soft and i aint talkin bout ted
i should of been a bird cause’ i’m addicted to the bread
b*tches give me head like a helmet i’m the new rapper on spot wearing
velvet bars so sick i makem’ throw up
rappers talkin slick then these rappers gettin’ fold up
i’m the dude name rick with pounds on my shoulda hold up
got them fresh colors in my hair like crayola yup i go hard and i aint
talkin bout a bolder these n*gg*s soft f*ggits i aint talkin bout noah
i’ont need a rap deal i beat n*gg*s up out of the business i give them
weight and i aint talkin bout fitness yup i’m yup i’m flyer than a pidgin
i’m always in a room with a lot of bad b*tches if you aint know then y’all
n*gg*s know now when i come through ricky mulah shut it down clown b*tches
jokes like a clown when i spit bars yes i leave with a frown.
rickyyy mulahhh bitccchesss!

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