possessed by greed lyrics – melancholy pessimism

i want more, i want all.
i will steal, i will kill.
we are possessed by greed.
we want everything.
why not to have a bigger house
than the neighbours, and the most
expensive car in the street.

you envy people their nose between
their eyes
and the cripple his crutch as also
their holes between the halves.

a starveling can save a lot of money
for food.
a prisoner needn’t support children.
and blind man doesn’t buy books
your greed hasn’t any borders.
why are you like this too?

do you want to take everything
to the grave?
everyone will rot under the clay,
and your property and everything
will stay upward.

i can’t see, i can’t hear.
iwant more, i want all.
i will kill and i’ll take
everything from everyone.

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