pounding in the night lyrics – wizard

the lightning shines
and rain pours on my face
sounds like if a giant whines
and mighty clouds menace

with hammer in his hand
thunderer will come along
stop the giants waste the land
nothing helps against the strong

trolls they flee away from here
and giants tremble fast
the hammergod rides loud and near
no enemy does ever last

the pounding in the night
is the hammer of thor
the pounding in the night
that sound when it strikes

the hammer that you faithfully
wear around your neck
will always guide you rightfully
and surely watch your back

the friendly redbeard is with you
when giants block your way
not always easy you’ll get through
but not alone you’ll stay

near to man and midgards lands
arise the mighty thor
all the places he defends
you know they’re to fight for

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