power lyrics – kmfdm

(lil italy)whussup? this lil italy here with ghetto commision yeah and that’s power
my life styles on of the illest
i went from pimpin to jacking to candy dealing
and now i’m on a mission to start commiting
filthy loot lacing out the f*cking ceiling
everybody want to know how lil italy feeling
payin dues i can’t lose if i make the right moves
see this is major league ball
so i had to get the ghetto commision to pull the sh*t of thick like fog
we put the weight on all you busters
and only f*ck with real hustlers
something that i can’t get enough of
hanging out the pestros side jump (jump)man that chopper be spinning that really saying something
now that’s power(lil italy/ghetto commision)gc: when every little n*gg* want to be
li: now that’s power
gc: to run the f*cking city that don’t sleep
li: now that’s power
gc: when you got johnny cocharn on your team
li: now that’s power
gc: one phone call could put a n*gg* life in danger(ghetto commision)say woodie ask yourself you quit working with that power
kicking a mob of 15 in less than an hour
a quick lunatic that would see to devour
choppers bullets and bus once back respect’s ours
first came the money from the royalty
they sayin oh gc came up? it’s all about the lootthe cabbage the cream
holla at me i’m with the power living the street dream
rat a tat boom blocka blocka
n*gg*s breaking they neck ducking and running cause they spread with thechopper
i done lost my f*cking mind again
to much smoke not enough oxgyen
to many joes to many heinekens
and in my mind it says f*ck em all stay born
till you fall stay to the west bankto the bank we gonna paper chase
take over and dominate and ya’ll b*tches gone learn
lil italy and the commision with power to take yours(lil italy/ghetto commision)li: now that’s power
gc: come along and take down a n*gg*s shop
li: now that’s power
gc: take that same shop and make it into your dope spot
li: now that’s power
gc: hustle a day late and never get caught
li: now that’s power
gc: to get caught and have the f*ckin judge bought(ghetto commision)it’s best you tape me down
flip me over
cut my wrist
break my shoulders
but i still remain in strength cuz i’m a no limit soldier
been laced with this game
weez the n*gg*s with this flame
n*gg*s best respect the man or get caught up in the rain
this is holloway
ghost in the dark in this n*gg*s heart
i get’s my regards and get b*tch n*gg*s of my tots
my entourge is holligans from the bay to the boot
they constagate from out the hoot them we aim and we shoot
you see i leave n*gg*s dyin for tryin f*cking with mine
i’m dusting that iron
that nickle plated nine b*tch i’m busting with me
you may not see me but i’m coming like a blizzard
christmas bout to miss ya when you f*cking with this n*gg*(lil italy/ghetto commision)li: now that’s power
gc: cancel your check with no i.d.
li: now that’s power
gc: walk into a club with a v.i.p.
li: now that’s power
gc: make no limit a house hold name
li: now that’s power
gc: to even think you could f*ck with the flame

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