praying for rain lyrics – cameron daddo

i’ve been working these bone dry fields all day
while she stays on my mind
since she left in ’89 – nothing’s worked out right
she married a man with some bottom land
and moved just down hte road
i hear he’s afraid he’s losing her – and i’m afraid he won’t
one man’s prayin’ for sunshine
one man’s prayin’ for rain
that man’s tryin’ to keep her love
this man needs her back again
what we want is different, but what we need is the same
yeah one man’s prayin’ for sunshine
one man ‘s prayin’ for rain
if i’d only loved her right – she never would have left
and i wouldn’t be here wishing she was leaving someone else
i don’t even know the man, or mean him any harm
all i want is what i had back here in my arms
repeat chorus

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